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Book Review: Inside Chinatown: Ancient Culture in a New World

Book Review: Inside Chinatown: Ancient Culture in a New World

Inside Chinatown: Ancient Culture in a New World
By Robert Amos and Kileasa Wong
TouchWood Editions, 160 pages

Reviewed by David Chau

Published in 14.4

ROBERT AMO’S AND KILEASA WONG’S book, Inside Chinatown: Ancient Culture in a New World, … more »

間: an aesthetic of space-time

間: an aesthetic of space-time

By Colleen Lanki

Published in 14.2

The space between objects.
The silence between sounds.
The stillness between actions.



(pause here)


Ma is a Japanese aesthetic principle meaning “emptiness” or “absence.”  It is the space between objects, … more »

The Brink Festival - September 20-23, 2012

The Brink Festival – September 20-23, 2012

The Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (VACT) is producing the Brink Festival at Studio 1398 on Granville Island from September 20 – 23, 2012. This festival will represent Asian Canadian actors, playwrights and stories that were randomly not selected through … more »

Ricepaper call for submissions 15.4 The 15th Anniversary Celebration

Theme: Flashback ~ Fifteen Years at Ricepaper Magazine (15.4 / WINTER 2010)

Although many other publications have come and gone over the past 15 years, Ricepaper has endured almost a generation of cultural and social change. We're dedicating our next issue of Ricepaper to the humble beginnings, highlights, and constantly evolving vision of Canada's only literary...

Vancouver Art Scene: Russell Leng’s Exhibition “New Nature Systems”

By Janice Wu

Ricepaper is pleased to have Janice Wu guest-blog as our “blogger-about-town” as she covers the latest cool spots in the Vancouver arts scene.

Janice recently caught up with Russell Leng, an emerging Vancouver-based artist at the … more »

Race and Gender Based Stereotyping of Asian Women: Pointing at Western Society’s “Elephant in the Room”

By Cheryl Caballero

Cheryl Caballero examines the connection between Western patriarchy and the sexual stereotyping of Asian women.

Photo by Frederic Poirot

A few weeks ago, a friend called me upset about something that had happened to her at work. … more »

For the Love of Silk: The Creative Work of Fumie von Dehn

Written by Amy Chow
Photos by Melissa Dex Guzman

Fumie von Dehn admits that while growing up in Japan during the ’80s she wasn’t that interested in kimonos. “I was into club music, fashion from Europe and not so much …

Embodied Collisions of Space and Time: The Evolving Work of Jin-me Yoon, Canadian Visual Artist

By Joni Low

Jin-Me Yoon, 2008. Courtesy, Catriona Jefferies Gallery, Vancouver, 2008

Beppu, Japan: a non-descript, urban landscape of decrepit buildings, scattered rubble, deserted streets. There’s an odd, grating sound on the pavement cutting into distant industrial sounds. A black-clothed figure with a puffed body and bound hands—face …...

The Trials of Sook-Yin Lee, Canadian Musician, Filmmaker, Actress, and Media Personality

By Adrian Mack


She’s given us an unusually rich field to pick from, but personally, my favourite Sook-Yin Lee moment came sometime back in the 1990s when she casually informed MuchMusic viewers that she was constipated.

Strathcona in the 1980s—or … more »

On the Train with Maiko Bae Yamamoto: A Theatre Review

By Megan Lau

Photo credit: Jeff Harrison

Maiko Bae Yamamoto and James Long are two of the most promising theatre artists in Canada. In February 2009, Theatre Replacement was awarded the prestigious Rio Tinto Alcan...