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Must-see Films of the Vancouver Asian Film Festival

So the 14th annual Vancouver Asian Film Festival is coming up in a few days (Nov. 4-Nov.7) and it’s promising to be a festival of extraordinary documentaries and feature films.

The documentaries in this year’s festival include Aoki, a … more »

Breaking Ethnic Barriers through Comedy: An Interview with Joe Wong

By Jenny Uechi

Joe Wong, who we blogged about earlier here, dropped by Vancouver recently to show the local Canadian crowd what good, smart comedy was all about. While he’s a long way from being a household name, Wong … more »

Poets Dazzle at Ricepaper / Ray Hsu Double Launch Party

It was a packed house at Rhizome Cafe on Thursday evening, as literary enthusiasts poured through the doors on the Main Street Magazine Tour, a unique event featuring readings and magazines at hip venues around the Main Street area.

It … more »

Anime Evolution 2010 in Vancouver

By Jenny Uechi

It felt like a localized scene from The Matrix: just as I was walking on the bus and wondering how to orient myself at the city’s annual Anime Evolution convention, a girl in a white rabbit … more »

Peter Chao and Joe Wong, a Tale of two Asian comedians

By Jenny Uechi

We’ve all seen over the last several years how many “ethnic” comedians have been coming into mainstream consciousness over the years: South Asians have an enviable lineup that includes Russell Peters, Kal Penn, Aziz Ansari and Arj … more »

The Art of Reusable Bags: Furoshiki Eco-bag Saves Plastic

By Jenny Uechi


Lately, some grocery stores in Vancouver assume that I won’t be needing a bag to carry my purchases because I’ve brought my own. It’s a safe assumption to make most of the time, but one day I … more »

Namgar: Keeping Tradition Alive through Music

By Jenny Uechi


There’s a kind of music that conjures up images of clear blue skies, horses roaming an emerald-coloured horizon. It’s the traditional music of the Buryats, an ethnic Russian minority that practices Tibetan shamanism and lives a nomadic … more »

Steveston Salmon Festival shows off Japanese Heritage

Ricepaper is happy to have Jenny Uechi as a guest blogger. Jenny is the infamous Jenny of long-time Ricepaper column JennyPop. She recently escaped her capsule apartment in Tokyo and is now a Vancouver-based writer and sometime cartoonist. She more »

The Rise of the Segway and Recessionista Fashion in Japan

Honda U3-X illustration by Patrick Kyle

Honda U3-X illustration by Patrick Kyle (

By Jenny Uechi

Personal Mobility

Segway and Honda go head to head eight years after Segway came out with an ingeniously-designed yet horrifically-geeky personal transporter. For those of...

Asian Culture: Vegetarian Boys, Carnivore Girls, and Youtube Celebrities

By Jenny Uechi

Vegetarian Boy Meets Carnivore Girl

No, it’s not some PETA campaign for girls who want to meet hot guys by embracing vegetarianism. Rather, soshoku danshi or “vegetarian boy” is a popular new term to describe a growing … more »