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Asian Art Museum Tour App takes the Experience of a Museum to a Whole New Level

Asian Art Museum Tour App takes the Experience of a Museum to a Whole New Level

Known for their smart audio solutions for mobile, the Espre Acoustiguide Group has expanded their reach and released a one-of-a-kind mobile application that offers users a multimedia museum tour directly through their smartphones and tablets.

Today, the prevalence of mobile … more »

Vancouver Lifestyle: Great Boots to Protect You From the Vancouver Rain

The most important purchase you could ever make when you move to Vancouver is the proper rain gear, which means the whole nine yards: umbrella, raincoat and rain boots. Although by precipitation measurements, Vancouver may not even compare to the … more »

Xīn Nián Kuài Lè

February 8 marks the dawn of the Chinese (Lunar) New Year and the Ricepaper team would like to wish you, Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Having missed out on the last five CNY celebrations back home in Singapore, this time of … more »

Legal Limbo: Revisiting Canada's Approach to Refugees

Legal Limbo: Revisiting Canada’s Approach to Refugees

Published in 16.3, by Donna Seto

An acquaintance of mine once asked where I had parked my Mercedes. My initial response was that I didn’t own a Mercedes or a car for that matter. He responded with utter confusion, … more »

C.E. Gatchalian on Falling on Time

C.E. Gatchalian on Falling on Time

By Telihard Paradela

Published in 16.3

C.E. (CHRIS) GATCHALIAN DESCRIBES his new play, Falling in Time, as the most ambitious play he has ever written. “No play has ever taken so much out of me as this play has,” … more »

Thinking of U(pdike)

By Evelyn Lau

Published in 16.2


In Summerland, the hours of silence are long.
Even this one life, said to be over in a day,

holds space that stretches to the horizon.
Abundance, then a harvest of loss—

berries … more »

The Lives of Two Strangers in Jen Sookfong Lee's The Better Mother

The Lives of Two Strangers in Jen Sookfong Lee’s The Better Mother

A Book Review by Abhishek Sharma
Published in 16.3

RUMMAGING THROUGH TIME IN Vancouver between 1958 and 1982, Jen Sookfong Lee’s The Better Mother is a tale about the unconventional friendship between two strangers. The initial meeting of the two … more »

To Matsue

By Jim Nawrocki

Published in 16.2


Fuji hides,                                                                               silent now like an empty cricket cage.
veiled by torn-edge clouds,                                            That night, I walk over dark stone
a rain gray sky draped                                                       under drizzle as boats drop lanterns
over emergences … more »

Valerie Sing Turner: Ready for the World

Valerie Sing Turner: Ready for the World

By Loretta Seto
Published in 16.4

From a dark night of the soul to a play ready to face the world, Valerie Sing Turner has proved that she is here to stay.

VALERIE SING TURNER is a woman of endless … more...

The Origin of Cherries

By Nancy Kang
Published in 16.4


The Origin of Cherries

The Bing cherry was named after Ah Bing, Chinese foreman in 1870s Oregon.

In the photograph he looks small, taut
like a dead magpie that lies on a cool … more »