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The Origin of the Lion Dance

The Origin of the Lion Dance

When I was 10-years-old my mother enrolled me in kung fu lessons. She was hoping I would develop some valuable characteristics, get some exercise and most importantly have the confidence to protect myself. Choy Li Fut was a form of … more »

Recollections from "Trauma and Diaspora"

Recollections from “Trauma and Diaspora”

Hello Ricepaper readers! Some of you may remember that last-last month, my fellow RP intern Stephanie did a post on the seminar series hosted by the writer-in-residence Shyam Selvadurai over at Green College. I actually attended the first of these … more »

Curious About North Korea?

Curious About North Korea?

What’s the first thing you think of when someone says, NORTH KOREA?


Well, yours truly here had a unique opportunity to visit a museum in Panmunjom, officially the de facto border between the two fragmented halves of Korea. It...

Jan Wong: Out of the Silence

Jan Wong: Out of the Silence

By Stephanie Fung

Jan Wong chats with a friend during a book signing of her latest memoir Out of the Blue.

Truth-teller, crusader, hard-nosed writer: as the Globe and Mail’s star reporter for twenty years, Jan Wong had always seen …

What is Asian?

By Jessa Alston-O’Connor
Published in 17.1

In my first year of grad school in Montreal, I overheard a conversation on Ste-Catherine Street: two non-Asian friends were walking ahead of me, discussing the popular dish General Tso’s chicken. “I know it’s … more »

In Memory of Kazuo Ohno

In Memory of Kazuo Ohno

By Jay Hirabayashi

Jay Hirabayashi recalls fond memories of butoh founder, Kazuo Ohno, who embraced and celebrated the art of dance both on and off the stage.

Kazuo Ohno in Rome / Image by Marco Tambara via Wikimedia Commons

My …