‘A Curve in Constellation’ by Stanford Cheung1 min read

25 June, 2016 0 comment


I share a wolf howl      head pointed         all afternoon      of fragmented

doings        left/ right        in a pack       pre urges      worn over      dawn

in the sky        like the fingers of Cancer      with an        intervened      Y

staring into itself     for a moment in space    The white sea.   a half- moon

swimming inside       for days       for weeks       by possibilities       awake

a riot         calm      an income field          eyeing the wind      eyeing the rain

giving in       mute fashions        firsthand      with every flower      of a

face scraped mosaic       an afterthought lesion         topless in the sentence

somehow calloused        a gathered poise       as inwardly          from reality

stippled presences      ignited remains      without       some compass of fate

paged pages    unforeseen ashes   nameless shapes   twisted gold   of a spirit

like esprit   falling apart    to ascertain standing    making certain that silence

a nursery rhyme        to my questions           on found            stressed leaves

seeking        singularity       like a field        onto childhood        this sentence


Stanford Cheung is a poet, writer, and musician from Toronto, Scarborough. He published his first poetry collection in 2014. His chapbook Any Seam or Needlework was released by The Operating System Press in 2016 as part of their Of Sound Mind Series. A Pushcart Prize nominee, his work, notes, and drafts appear in Nomadic Journal: Changes III, X-Peri Magazine, Ex-ex Literature, Zoomoozophone Review and elsewhere. He currently studies at University of Toronto. 

Photo by Stanford Cheung

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