Karla Comanda

You were the Sawdust Boy. That’s what everybody called you back when there were no electric stoves in the village.

Elderly women making bets with their husbands’ cigarette money on the street corner would look up and shake their colourful … more »



the radio producers dilemma


driving my derelict mazda home after a shift

visors down to keep the electric sky from crashing my car

its 1246 and i hear myself on the radio talking about blind canadians

awareness … more »


speaking in tongues

misinterpretation ghosts-back,
attempts to reincarnate the broken language
of Jaden’s tongue-twist reverberation—
murmur the revenant-named                  co                              bac
mispronounce it twice as fast                 go                              back
diaspora synth-talk—

ghost-linguists mess up scrabble tiles—
v tn m s ngl … more »

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