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Regular Ricepaper contributor Marc Perez is an emerging writer featured in prominent literary magazines such as PRISM International and TAYO Literary Magazine. Most recently he was awarded a BC Arts Council Scholarship and an Honorable Mention in the 2019 LUSH … more »

Kawika Guillermo believes that writing is highly collaborative. He believes in it so much that he sees his identity of “Kawika Guillermo” as the all-encompassing brand naming this process. The moniker is better known as the fiction writer pseudonym of … more »

Vancouver’s Immersion book launch happened a week and a half after Toronto’s, which corresponded with Literasian East. The collective book launches featured five out of the fifteen authors of the speculative fiction anthology. The other ten remains to be seen, … more »

Emerging fiction writer and seasoned journalist, Carlo Javier, is one of the featured authors in Immersion Anthology. His short story Janitors is an introspective noir drama that asks what if the clean up crew of professional assassins are made up … more »

A day after Remembrance Day, the rain fell signalling the height of the Fall season. Clocks turned back an hour, daylight ends halfway through the afternoon, and only a few weeks remain before Vancouver’s book launch of Immersion, an anthology … more »

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