Ricepaper magazine is a Canadian magazine which has showcased Asian Canadian literatureculture, and the arts since 1994.
  • We’re a literary magazine; we publish new poetry, fiction, drama, graphic novel, translation, and almost every other kind of creative writing from writers across the country.
  • We’re an arts magazine; we publish cultural reviews of books, theatre, and film. We also publish original art and photography within our pages.
  • We’re a magazine about people. The body of work coming out of the Asian Canadian artists and writers’ community is prolific and growing. Ricepaper profiles and interviews the leading and up-and-coming artists and writers in this community.
History of Ricepaper magazine

Ricepaper first began in 1994 as a newsletter for the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop (ACWW) – eight pages which were photocopied back-to-back and stapled together. Ricepaper was a way for ACWW members to communicate amongst each other as well as celebrate each other’s successes. ACWW, a non-profit organization, continues to publish Ricepaper today.
From these humble beginnings, Ricepaper became a quarterly magazine that was distributed coast-to-coast, publishing the new voices coming out of the Asian Canadian arts and literary community. Ricepaper continues to be the only Canadian literary magazine of its kind with an Asian Canadian perspective.


Ricepaper is a national literary arts magazine committed to providing voice and focus on East Asian and Southeast Asian culture. Ricepaper showcases quality work by artists and cultural producers that reflects the diverse interests of Asian Canadians.  By providing an alternative to mainstream media for both readers and advertisers, Ricepaper strives to connect the local, national, and global community by challenging the parameters of how Asian Canadians are perceived, defined, and expressed.


Publisher: The Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop
Managing Editor: Kristin Cheung
Artistic Editor: Anna Ling Kaye
Editorial Collective (18.1, 18.2): Stephanie Fung, Elliot Chan, Azaria Sabrina, Yilin Wang, Elain Shen, Momoko Hirano, Carrie Calvo, Ray Yang
Book Reviews: Elliot Chan
Designer: Eric Uhlich
Web Architect: Jonathan Lin
Subscriptions Manager: Aaron Si

Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop
Board of Directors: Allan Cho, Winnie L. Cheung,  Tzhe Lam, Todd Wong, Barry Yee, David HT Wong
Advisor: Jim Wong-Chu