The graduation ceremony
had to end early, the chancellor
left with guards. Students
held signs in black gowns, saying,
“You can’t kill us all.”
How do we live up to that?

Inaudible, the sound of choice
midst human traffic.

These … more »

Don’t betray me,
his brow suggests
behind a covering.

I offer him a beer
as reconciliation,
which he refuses
in the presence of
cops. It’s not illegal
to drink publicly here,
I should mention.

I have sketched out
a park … more »

Dream of redesigning
Interior space
I just need a
Little refresh
Something to lift my spirits. To
Cover up this
Matte, non-colour
Sucking the life out of me

Swirl paint stick
Melted butter
Rises to the rim

Last time, … more »

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