Ricepaper Magazine is a Vancouver-based Canadian magazine which has showcased Asian Canadian literatureculture, and the arts since 1994.
  • We’re a literary magazine. We publish new poetry, fiction, drama, graphic novels, translation, and almost every other kind of creative writing from writers across the country.
  • We’re an arts magazine. We publish cultural reviews of books, theatre, and film. We also publish original art and photography within our pages.
  • We’re a magazine about people. The body of work coming out of the Asian Canadian artists and writers’ community is prolific and growing. Ricepaper profiles and interviews the leading and up-and-coming artists and writers in this community. At the same time, we invite writers around the world to contribute Asian-themed content. Canada is a land of many cultures. A story of someone outside our borders can be just as relatable to us as one found on the inside.

Ricepaper first began in 1994 as a newsletter for the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop (ACWW) – eight pages which were photocopied back-to-back and stapled together. Ricepaper was a way for ACWW members to communicate amongst each other as well as celebrate each other’s successes. ACWW, a non-profit organization, continues to publish Ricepaper today.  From these humble beginnings, Ricepaper became a quarterly magazine that was distributed coast-to-coast, publishing the new voices coming out of the Asian Canadian arts and literary community. With advancements in technology, Ricepaper has moved online affording writers a richer medium to deliver their message in more dynamic ways. Ricepaper continues to be the longest running Canadian literary magazine of its kind with an Asian Canadian perspective.

Publisher: Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop Society (ACWW)

Board of Directors:  Ted Alcuitas, Sean Gunn, Julia Lin, Eric Li, Vanessa Lowe, Sid Tan, Todd Wong

Executive Director: Jim Wong-Chu

Web architect: Jonathan Lin