by Allan Cho

Allan Cho

Executive Editor
Allan Cho is Executive Editor of Ricepaper Magazine and Festival Director of LiterASIAN Festival, North America’s first Asian writers festival.  He is an academic librarian at the University of British Columbia.  Allan is actively engaged in a number of initiatives in the community and has served on the board of the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop Society (ACWW), Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia (CCHSBC) and Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society (VAHMS). He has written for the Georgia Straight, Diverse Magazine, and Ricepaper.  His fiction has appeared in the anthologies, The Strangers and Eating Stories: A Chinese Canadian and Aboriginal Potluck.   He blogs on issues about publishing, diversity, and libraries at Allan’s Library.

JF Garrard

Deputy Editor 
JF Garrard is an award winning speculative fiction writer, editor and publisher. She is the President of Dark Helix Press and serves as the Co-President for the Canadian Authors Association’s Toronto Branch. Her portfolio of books and short fiction is listed on and you can find her on Twitter @jfgarrard, Facebook and Instagram @jfgarrard.

Kendra Ellis

Literary Editor 
Kendra Ellis is a Korean adoptee and transplant from Seattle with a background in the disparate fields of comparative literature and computer science. When not buried nose-first in a text, she can be found hunched over a keyboard trying to make a computer do useful and/or delightful things.

Silvia Leung

Literary Editor 

Silvia Leung has written and edited a wide spectrum of pieces in the non-profit, private, and public sectors, from academic to creative, business to multimedia, technical to policy writing. Read more about her here. Twitter: @SilviaWriting

Kristen Wong

Literary Editor 

Kristen Wong is an advocate of history and literacy to promote the sharing knowledge and understanding. A graduate of the University of British Columbia, she has served as treasurer for the Vancouver Historical Society and the Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop, a literacy tutor for school-aged children, a LiterASIAN festival volunteer, and an editor for Ricepaper.


Sophie Munk

Literary Editor 

Sophie Munk is a graduate of McGill University, where she majored in international development and history. She is currently a coordinator at PCHC-MoM Society, one of ACWW’s partner organizations. She has a background in community-based initiatives, research, and service. She is planning on pursuing a career focusing on the relationship between culture and health governance in an international context.

Literary Editor 

Lianne Cho grew up in Toronto and is currently an MD/PhD student at the University of British Columbia. In her spare time, she writes poetry and is an avid reader. She is interested in the intersection between Eastern and Western perspectives on mental health and well-being, and in how literature can help connect these ideas and us with each other.

Literary Editor

Jinwoo Park is a Korean Canadian writer based in Montreal. He completed his Master’s in creative writing at the University of Oxford in 2015 and has been working in the tech industry as a writer since. In 2021 he won the Jim Wong-Chu Emerging Writers’ Award for his first manuscript, Oxford Soju Club.

Keyan Zhang

Design Editor 

Keyan Zhang is a graduate of the Master of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University and currently a staff member at the University of Calgary Press. She has written and designed for multiple Chinese media companies as a freelancer. As a member of the Calligraphy Association, her calligraphy work has been included in several art publications.


Katya Roxas


Katya Roxas is a Communications and Design Strategist at the University of British Columbia. Katya has experience with branding, content creation and social media and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Arts, specializing in graphic design and illustration, and a Diploma in Digital Marketing and Communications. Born and raised in the Philippines, Katya is well-versed with the sacrifices and opportunities that come with being an immigrant. Through her experiences, she strives to break the barriers of cultural misrepresentation by creating honest and inclusive visual expressions.


Lay Hoon


Lay Hoon aka Arty Guava is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Vancouver. She grew up in Malaysia and spent most of her adult life in Singapore before moving to Canada. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Bioengineering but chose to make a career switch after about 1 year of working in the field. Art and Design have always been her calling. She is passionate about culture, people and nature and how these themes interact with each other. Her work is available at



Wendi Ma


Wendi Ma is an Illustrator and Designer based in Vancouver. Born in China, raised in Tokyo and Vancouver, she developed her interest in sharing her worldview and experiences as a person with cross-cultural background through art. Fluently speaking three languages, she is passionate about communicating emotion through her pieces. She currently works as an illustrator and Designer at IBM. Her work is available @


Alex Smyth


Alex Smyth is a mixed Japanese-Canadian illustrator and ceramic artist. She is self-taught and works primarily in digital illustration, animation, and ceramics. Her vibrant and playful work often draws from her Japanese heritage, exploring ideas of growing up and “adulthood,” as well as an appreciation for everyday life/objects/actions. Joy, rest, and connection are common threads between her work. Alex also curates and organizes Playground Pop-Up, a local art market based in Vancouver dedicated to creating a platform for playful artwork and emerging artists.



Gavin Hee

Editorial Contributor

Gavin aims to connect people around the world interested in relatable, meaningful content by Asians. He was born and raised in North Vancouver and spent his formative twenties in Seoul where his concept of globalism transformed. He is particularly fond of pan-Asian themed stories of inter-cultural exchange and he is the founder of, a site he thinks you might enjoy since you are already reading this one. He encourages marginalized voices to build their own world so they are not stuck in someone else’s.


Abhishek Sharma

Editorial Contributor 

Abhishek Sharma is in the field of Career Counseling and Life Coaching and is employed at the Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society.  He volunteers with the Richmond Multicultural Community Services and the Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF).   In his community work, Abhishek manages volunteers, works with individuals from all types of backgrounds, facilitates career development workshops in employment centres as well as leads customer service experience initiatives.   An avid reader and pop-cultural enthusiast, Abhishek is a freelance writer and has been a contributor to Ricepaper magazine.