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5 March, 2010 0 comment

This weekend, you could….

Photo by: William W. Ting

Photo by: William W. Ting

Go to the Kaori Kasai: Ura Monchan exhibition and view her “storyboards of short vignettes about kinship, alienation, emotional boundaries and our interactions with physical environments.” Ongoing until March 27th, Blim, 197 E. 17th Ave, Vancouver

Photo: Canada Council

Photo: Canada Council

Visit Celebration Hall at Mountain View Cemetery, where you’ll be able to view Paul Wong’s fourth in a series of 5 weekly events , One More Than Three, whic“will bring together light and dark, silence and sound, living with the dead, and the 4 virtues: truth, bravery, non-violence and generosity, all transforming the modernist Celebration Hall into an installation space for encountering video art.Saturday, March 6th, 5pm to 10pm, 39th+Fraser St., Vancouver, $10 at the door (cash only)


See Last Train Home, a documentary by acclaimed Montreal filmmaker, Lixin Fan, opening today. Lixin Fan will be there himself to speak about his film on Friday and Saturday (March 5 and 6) at the Ridge Theatre 3131 Arbutus Street. Ridge Theatre is the only theatre in Vancouver that is currently showing this film. Look for a profile on Lixin Fan by David Eng in the upcoming Ricepaper 15.1 and read David Eng’s review of the film here.

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