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May is Asian Heritage Month. In preparation, Ricepaper staff have compiled a list of the various Asian Heritage Month societies around Canada. If you’re able to, you can skip from province to province in your quest to fill your May with as many Asian Heritage Month events that you can handle. Let’s try to do this geographically, starting from Vancouver going all the way to Montreal

  • Explorasian – Asian Heritage Month Vancouver – Enjoy over 40 great events happening in Metro Vancouver to celebrate Pan Asian Canadian arts and culture! Events Calendar
  • imaginAsian – Asian Heritage Month Calgary – Events include a youth theatre, imaginAsian film festival, bus tours to different Asian Canadian communities, and a bboy/girl dance competition. Events Calendar
  • Saskatchewan – is there an Asian Heritage Month society in Saskatchewan? Let me know in the comments if my Googling skills have failed me and there actually is one.
  • Asian Heritage Manitoba The Asian Heritage Society of Manitoba led by Muni Mysore and Art Miki – Lots planned in Manitoba including a film festival, drumming festival, as well as performances and readings by Alvin Tolentino, Fiona Lam, and Sally Ito.
  • Asian Heritage Month in Ontario – organized by the Canadian Multicultural Council – Asians in Ontario (CMC). List of events (in pdf format).
  • Access Asie – Montreal Asian Heritage Month – Accès Asie is the longest running Asian Heritage Festival in Canada and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! Visual arts, spoken word, new media, cinema, multidisciplinary performances, and food tastings are included in the events planned for Asian Heritage Month. Event program

Unfortunately Halifax’s Asian Heritage Month Society disbanded in 2008, and I couldn’t seem to find any information on Edmonton’s Asian Heritage Month. If you can, please enlighten me!

Side note: Have you noticed how many people use “Asian” as a punny way to “Asian-ize” a word. ExplorAsian, imaginAsian, and even the theme for our newest issue, representAsians. Interesting, eh? Alright, I got nothing else besides that.

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