Ricepaper call for submissions 16.1 The “Generations” Issue1 min read

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Asian Canadians are by no means a homogenous group. In addition to differences in taste, style, education, look, and social status, the pan-Asian community, as with Canadian society at large, is made up of many different generations. Baby Boomers (b. 1946-64), Generation X’ers (b. 1965-78) and the emerging wave of Generation Y’ers (b. 1980 onwards) interpret the Asian Canadian experience from their own unique perspectives and vantage points. We are please to announce that the next issue of Ricepaper will be devoted to stories, ideas, and illustrations around the broad theme of “Generations.”

Ricepaper is pleased to accept creative and critical writing about the generations that have come before us, and the generations that will largely determine life in the 21st century. Do you wonder how members of a society so accustomed to “the new, the trendy and the innovative” can honour their own cultural and familial history? How does the new and relatively privileged generation relate to traditional notions of hierarchy and authority? What creates a perceived generation gap, anyhow? Is ageism simply proof of the need for individual power and self-fulfillment? And how do Asian Canadians keep abreast of current affairs and complex issues, while honouring the wisdom and experience of their predecessors? When wrestling with these questions, may we always remember those who walked, fought and laughed before us…

Please visit this page for the official call for submissions and for information on how to submit to Ricepaper! If you have further questions or comments, email Eury Chang at editor@ricepapermagazine.ca.

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