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Minimum number of people needed to play mah-jong: 4
Number of Chinese people in Nunavut in 2006: 70
Number of mah-jong games that could be played at one time by all the Chinese-Nunavummiut: 17.5

Year mah-jong was introduced to America: 1920
Price of a 1920 mah-jong set in 2012 on eBay[1]: $745.05 USD.
Price for three day Xian tour package for two people[2]: $745 USD.

Year World Mahjong Organization was founded in Beijing, China[3]: 2006
Year Prime Minister Stephen Harper[4] apologized on behalf of the Canadian government for the Chinese head tax[5]: 2006


Year original Pocky[6] chocolate was first launched in Japan: 1966
Year the Revolutionary Strategy and the Role of the Avant-Garde outlining the strategy of the FLQ[7] was written: 1966

Year almond Pocky was launched: 1971
Year FLQ terrorist Paul Rose[8] was sentenced to life in prison: 1971

Year strawberry Pocky was launched: 1977
Year the Charter of the French Language[9] was passed by the Parti Québécois[10]: 1977


Year Hello Kitty founder Shintaro Tsuji[11]  first started creating products: 1962
Year Tim Horton won his first Stanley Cup: 1962

Year the first Hello Kitty product was launched in Japan[12]: 1974
Year Tim Horton died in a car crash[13]: 1974

Year the first Hello Kitty product was launched in America: 1976
Year the Timbit was first introduced[14]: 1976

Admission Price for Sanrio theme park, Puroland: $36.02
Number of individual Timbits that can be purchased for $36.02: 163















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