Taiwanese Film Festival: Metamorphosis1 min read

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Join the Taiwanese Film Festival this summer as they celebrate the transformation in Taiwanese cinema: METAMORPHOSIS.

The sixth annual Taiwanese Film Festival celebrates change in all of its forms. Just as the larva of a Papilionoidea will metamorphose into butterflies, we all see and experience change everywhere, great and small as we ourselves transform from youth into adulthood.


This transformation from youth to adulthood is one that all of us must go through. Some of the changes are subtle, others startling dramatic. How do we accept this transformation, and how do we come out of it?

What about parenthood? How is it that in one moment, one’s entire life’s focus can shift so much? Where there was none, there now is. From that one moment to until you close your eyes for the last time, that life shall be your responsibility.

The myriad forms of change are ever present. A country changes: leading, taking part in, or perhaps following an ever-renewing world. Governments are raised and toppled. Rivers dry up to become plains and islands give way to the ocean. Fall in love and the way you see the world may have changed.

Dates: Friday, June 29th – Sunday, July 1st

Times: Showtimes throughout the day

Where: Vancouver International Film Centre (1181 Seymour Street)

Find information about their film here at their website.

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