Wanted: “Head Tax” Stories1 min read

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Are you a student or youth?  Do you know anyone in your family who had to pay the Head Tax when he or she came to Canada?  If so, CCNC wants to hear from you!  

The Chinese Canadian National Council is seeking stories from youth of head tax families on their family’s experience with the Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act. A small honoraria – from $300 to $500 is available to a young person (24 years or under) or a student (30 years or under). 

CCNC is looking for writings of 800-1,000 words with a couple of family photos.

CCNC has compiled a youth anthology before, please see http://www.ccnc.ca/cc150/your-anthology/index.php. You can also check out the Chinese Canadian Veterans’ stories here: http://www.ccmms.ca/veteran-stories/

For more information, please see the CCNC websitehttp://www.ccnc.ca/content/pr.php?entry=252

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