What’s your favourite Asian snack?1 min read


Here at Ricepaper, one of our goals this summer is to eat more snacks.

Yes, more snacks.

But not just any snack; we want to eat more AZN (Asian) snacks.

It’s even written in ink on our office wall.

We’re totally serious about this.

Part of what makes Ricepaper super awesome, we’ve found out in the short time we’ve been here, is that you can find all sorts of wacky and wonderful things in the office.  Like frozen White Rabbit Creamy Candy in the fridge.  Egg roll cookies next to books that need reviewing.  And Sky Flake crackers on top of the microwave.  And – okay, maybe we should just admit that working in an office for a magazine with the word “rice” in its name makes us relish anything both Asian and edible.  Most of the time.

Case in point: here’s Kristin taking a well earned break and enjoying an egg roll cookie.  Just for the record, this photo was definitely not staged.

So!  Out of curiosity we asked everyone in the office and on the street last Friday what their favourite snack (preferably Asian) was.

Beckie: Yukimi Daifuku
Stephanie: Bin Bin crackers
Kristin:  Shrimp crackers
Ray: Haw flakes
Elaine: Wafer cookies

Other responses: Sushi, kimchi noodles, egg waffles, peanuts, soy nut butter and banana, Gami (?), dried seaweed, nachos.
Via Twitter: Grilled and seasoned laver with grapeseed oil, mochi balls, cuttlefish chips.

What’s your favourite Asian snack?

– Beckie and Stephanie, RP snack Interns


Julia.Park 4 July, 2012 - 12:40 pm

Hehe! I think he’s talking about Gomae, a Japanese spinach salad ^^

Zheting Su 11 July, 2012 - 3:56 pm

There are way too many =) Many of them which I can’t buy in Canada, such as dried fish pieces, dried squid, all kinds of tofu jerky, all flavours of beef jerky, and more. And ice cream! I know ice cream does not have its origins in Asia, but I’ve found the ice cream made in China to taste so much better than the ones over here for some reason.


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