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It’s the modern-age question. When you open your cutlery drawer, do you opt for the simple-to-use stainless steel fork or the ancient yet versatile bamboo chopsticks? Living in an increasingly globalized world, there is no doubt that this is a problem many Asian Canadians face on a daily basis. Ricepaper decided to have the two face off in a battle of the fittest. May the best utensil win!

Which one is more transportable?

What would you do with one chopstick? Spear your food kebab-style? Fork is the obvious winner in this case as you only have to keep your eye on one utensil.

Which one is more versatile?

It’s a knife! It’s a spear! It’s chopsticks! Whether they’re being used in a “sword” battle, as a craft supply, or just to eat food with, chopsticks win in versatility. Your imagination is the limit!

While a fork, like a pair of chopsticks, could also be used as a spear, a knife, and a whisk, it severely lacks in the creativity and entertainment department. Chopsticks can be used as wands à la Harry Potter, serve as drumsticks for your bowl and plates during dinner, as posts for your house plants, or as cross bars for homemade stringed-puppets. The entertainment value of chopsticks is far higher than a fork’s.

Which one can save you from an attack? 

What good is a blunt chopstick in your time of need? The stainless steel prongs from a fork are sure to repel predators by leaving nasty holes in your enemies. Though if an attack from a ghost or an evil spirit were to occur, perhaps a pair of red chopsticks would be a better option.

Which one would your dog rather fetch?

The bamboo material from a chopstick is quite enticing to a canine. The soft yet elegant bamboo is much more refined, delicious, and comforting to bite into than a fork. Unless you have an affinity for metals, who enjoys unpleasant synthetic aftertastes?

Which one makes you look smarter?

How long did it take for you to master the art of chopsticks? How about a fork? The learning curves are on completely different levels. The fork will forever remain a novice utensil. And let’s face it. We’re all a little surprised and maybe even a bit impressed when any non-Asian demonstrates his or her competency in chopsticks. Mastery of chopsticks is key to the appearance of one’s sophistication and intellectual advancement in life.

Which one is the best?

THE CHORK!!!!!!!!! No explanation needed. One should always get the best of both worlds.

Which one do you think is the better of the two?

– Jesmine, Beckie, and Stephanie, RP Chork-aholics


Jesmine 15 August, 2012 - 6:18 pm

Chorks: When you can’t pick one, combine ’em!

That was a fun time at the festival. Maybe not so practical, but it’s far more satisfying to do battle with chopsticks. (By the way, it’s J-E-S, not J-A-S.)

Beckie.Che 15 August, 2012 - 9:37 pm

Sorry Jesmine, it’s fixed now!


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