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What makes up a city? How do we define cities? How do people use, abuse, or subvert “public” space? Mae gives us a glimpse of the streets of Vancouver, showing us a side of the city that we don’t usually see.

Sometimes… I just wish

Everything is going to be OK… because today is going to be amazing.

from way up here

blood alley balcony

Photos by Mae Lim. (

Ricepaper Shutterbox, a new photo blog, will explore how photography defines our world. Inspired by the 365 Photo Challenge, we aim to feature images sometimes from our staff , sometimes from local photographers, and sometimes from readers like you. If you have any photos that you feel would fit the blog and inspire us, send them our way! ( By showcasing the creative, diverse talents of our community, we hope to visually immerse you in culture and challenge notions of  what it means to be Asian Canadian.

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