Shutterbox: The Best Coconut Buns in the City1 min read

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What’s your favourite bakery or restaurant in Vancouver Chinatown? According to their website, New Town Bakery at 148 E. Pender Street is known for its “award winning apple tarts” and “world famous steamed buns.” Those are grand words indeed, but in today’s society sometimes self-promotion is a necessary art and the folks at New Town are talented at that.

Anyway, for a more unbiased point of view, here’s what Rebekah Parker, an avid photographer and traveler with a discerning taste for food, has to say:

“I first heard about New Town Bakery four years ago when I first moved to Vancouver. One of my friends told me it has the best coconut buns in the city and once I tried them I believed it. I love introducing others to the bakery (and its new location!) and trying new baked goods on their extensive menu!”

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Photo by Rebekah Parker


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