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Fashionable Asians! is Ricepaper’s very first street fashion series on…fashionable Asians in Vancouver. Unlike any other street fashion blog, however, we seek to find out the deeper meanings behind these fantastic outfits. Is your outfit saying something about your cultural identity, your mood, or the weather? What can we learn through the fashion of trend-trotters walking down the line between one home neighborhood and another across the Pacific? 

Wendy shows off a great back-to-school outfit that takes advantage of the transition from summer to autumn.


Back to school. So we groan about the impending rainy season and the expensive books and reversing our vampire lifestyles for the sake of fourth-year microbiology class and that seminar on Old English. But there are advantages to campus life, and one of those is spotting moar fashionable Asians! Check out our third Fashionable Asian, Wendy, whose undeniable sense of style stood out in the sea of heads during a sunny orientations day for UBC.

Name: Wendy

Please tell me about your ethnic background.

W: I’m actually Chinese, but I grew up in Japan. I don’t really know that much about China.

You must have access to a very interesting blend of trends. Do you read fashion magazines or follow fashion styles from either country?

W: Just those in Japan.

What do you think is the difference between “Japanese” style and “Chinese” style?

W: I think with Japanese style, the clothing designs are so unique and innovative…they’re always on top of the newest things and come up with things that interest you. Whereas in China it’s a lot more traditional. For example, in China, your bikini bottoms cover almost your entire stomach.


I suppose it’s a matter of fashionable freedom, in some sense.

W: Yes, that’s right.

Could you give me a breakdown of your look right now?

W: Sure. Almost all my things are from Japan. This shirt, I got because I love buttons. You can get a lot of things for all kinds of prices in Japan. This shirt was really cheap. The rest, like my knee socks and shoes were all from Japan as well.

I love your glasses. Where did you get them?

Classic tortoise-shell glasses are reshaped in the Hello Kitty style. Who even thinks up of these things???

W: I actually got this one in Canada, from the Richmond Night Market.

Is there anything you want to say about your inspirations for everyday dressing?

W: Well…definitely Lady Gaga? Because she shows what she likes through the way she dresses.

Do you follow any Canadian style trends?

W: No, not right now.

Ohhh knee socks. Knee socks!

If you were to shop in a Canadian mall, which store would you be most likely to shop in?

W: Definitely Aritzia. They have some unique choices and sell clothes that are unlike those in any other stores.

What made you wear this outfit today?

W: It’s hot! I just wanted to dress for warm weather, and accommodate the chill in the morning. Sort of a transition into Autumn, while still looking appropriate for the sun.

That’s great. Thank you for agreeing to be featured on Fashionable Asians today!

Out of my entire conversation with Wendy, her comment about the difference between Chinese and Japanese fashion styles remained memorable in particular. Are Chinese clothing designs that much more traditional? I’ve seen some awesome Chinese street style myself. Also, why is it that the Japanese clothing industry is so well known for its innovation? That’s a question I can’t quite get to the bottom of, at least for now.

Just talkin’ fashion on a nice day in campus.

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