Green College Panel Discussion Hosted by Shyam Selvadurai: “Trauma and Diaspora”1 min read

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Title: “Trauma and Diaspora”
Speakers: Janet MacArthur, Creative and Critical Studies, UBC-O; Judy Fong Bates, writer, storyteller; Tamio Wakayama, photographer; YaliniDreams, poet, playwright
Lecture Series:Writer-in-Residence Series
Date: September 27, 8-9 pm
Location: Coach House, Green College, UBC (6201 Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver)

Description: A varied panel of artists question how trauma is portrayed in literature, performance and photography, particularly in relation to the issue of trauma as experienced by diasporic people, first in the mother land and then the trauma brought on by migration. Janet MacArthur will talk about Art Spiegelman’s Maus and the various Maus projects that culminated as a response to diasporic experience of intergenerational Holocaust trauma. Judy Fong Bates will talk about stress and trauma of migration in her own family and the role this has played in her writing. She will read from her memoir, The Year of Finding Memory, which speaks of her father’s inexplicable suicide and her search for the story of her parents in China. Tamio Wakayama will show his photographs of the Japanese Canadian community and speak of how he came to terms with the legacy of internment and forced relocation, and the recreation of his sense of self that has been the central challenge of his life and art. YaliniDream will perform from Wounds Unkissed, an evolving theatrical choreopoem, that unearths the various wounds in the Sri Lankan Diaspora that remain unhealed. Her performance delicately interweaves the intimate with a larger historical and political context.

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