Cute to Kill III: Indie Dark Cute Japanese Animation3 min read

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Blim and Powell Street Festival Society present:

Cute to Kill III

Sunday October 28 | 7:30 – 10 PM | $15/12 (advance tix available at Blim) | @ VIVO Madia Arts Centre

Welcome to an expose of recent video works from local, national, and international animators and video artists.

Each short film explores the artists’ morbid fascination with dark subject matter through the guise of “cute” (a prevalent juxtaposition in contemporary Asian pop culture).

  • Monkey Dreams by Hoji Tsuchiya [3:27]
  • Silver Night of the Light by Saori Shiroki [3:36]
  • The Great Rabbit by Atsushi Wada [7:12]
  • Night Park by Hoji Tsuchiya [3:05]
  • Beluga by Shin Hashimoto [5:30]
  • Tashou Kougou by Hoji Tsuchiya [2:30]

Intermission [15:00]

  • Live set by Masahiro Takashi (TBC) [15:00]
  • Ringing Bell by Masami Hata [47:00]

Hoji Tsuchiya is a creator of animations, paintings, comics, and music. His animations use paper cutouts, shadow puppets, banana peels, and photocopiers. He currently resides in Berlin with his wife and daughter.

Saori Shiroki was born in 1984 in Japan. He is a self taught animator and has been making films since 2005. He graduated from Tama Art University in 2007 with a major in painting. He also studied at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts Graduate School with a major in Film and animation in 2010.

Atsushi Wada was born in 1980. Graduated from Osaka kyoiku University, Image Forum Institute of Moving image and Tokyo University of the Arts. Began to create the short animation works in self-study from 2002. Like to make comfortable movements and is always thinking about the Japanese traditional concept called “Ma”, the tension produced between movements. Day of Nose (2005) won the Best Short Film in Norwich International Animation Festival and Well, That’s Glasses (2007) won the Best Film of the Young Jury in Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival. In a Pig’s Eye (2010) has been nominated in Zagreb, Annecy, Hiroshima, and Ottawa, and won the Best Film in Fantoche International Animation Film Festival. The Mechanism of Spring (2010) premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

Shin Hashimoto graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo. His work has be shown in festivals

Masami Hata was born in 1942 in Taipei. He debuted as an animator in 1965 at Mushi Pro with Wonder 3, and while there directed his first two TV series. After Mushi Pro folded in 1973, he worked a bit for Tokyo Movie Shinsha, drawing storyboards and directing episodes in a handful of TV series. Around 1975 he began working at Sanrio, which was just moving into the anime market, and wound up staying there for over a decade, going on to direct several of Sanrio’s lavish full-animation films. Since the breakup of Sanrio’s animation department (Sanrio Films) in 1985 following the release of the film Fairy Florence he has been working freelance, directing and writing storyboards for TV series and movies at various studios.

Masahiro Takahashi

More info available at:

Call 604 872 8180 or for information.

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