Shutterbox: Asian Canadian Childhoods1 min read

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What do you remember about your childhood? A couple weeks ago I asked Ricepaper friends to send me photos of themselves when they were little. The pictures they submitted were funny and adorable. What makes one’s childhood “Asian Canadian”? Making bunny ears? Shovelling snow with an ice cream bucket? Having sensitive teeth? I’m not too sure. Take a look at these photos and perhaps you can decide for yourself.

Gangster kid in the ’90s (Sylvia at Grouse Mountain)

Making bunny ears or being bunny-eared: a childhood rite of passage (Sylvia at PNE)

A typical Canadian childhood winter: using an ice cream bucket to shovel snow (Kristin)

Sailor Moon vs. Golden Lion (Beckie)

Beckie fishing in Powell River

Hanging out on the swings with Grandma and practicing our gross motor skills of which we lacked (Stephanie)

“My back molars hurt”: Shay is manga-ized (from Manga Camera

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