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Published in Ricepaper 17.3/17.4

I Remember
by William Bradford Akeroyd

Some of us stood to remember
Some of us walked to never forget
It rained, of course,
Tears for the fallen but not forgotten
I remember

I stood on sacred ground
in front of cenotaphs
in graveyards
on beaches
at home and in foreign lands
I remember

The sacrifices of my Aboriginal, Asian
and other Canadian ancestors
Who paid the price for freedom
some of whom never fired a gun
I remember

The many battles fought by those
for a freedom not yet won
For here at home
justice has not been served
I remember

The price paid by our ancestors
victims of discrimination, ignorance and blame
Wounded, dispossessed of family and home
an everlasting shame
I remember

Brothers, sisters not yet free
Imprisoned by neglect and greed and other tyranny
by those who have never felt or forgotten
the pain of yoke and chain
In Canada, our home on Native land
I remember

The struggle, the fight for the rights of everyone
for those without the power
to determine their own destiny
For only when that day comes we can say
I remember

To honour those who gave their lives
so we could enjoy freedom in this land
Freedom and liberty for all

I remember

All My Relations,

Brad Akeroyd (Uyede)

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