Multiracial Identity Research Looking for Participants1 min read

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Lisa Giamo from Social Context Lab in Simon Fraser University is currently conducting research as part of her dissertation. She is specifically interested in people with one White and one Asian parent, as this population is the fastest growing of all of the multiracial combinations. Since multiracial people are found all across the globe, it is difficult to do this type of research without assistance with online recruiting. Lisa would really appreciate your participation in this research. All participants will be entered into a lottery draw for $150 (CAN) for your participation. The anonymity and confidentiality of all participants are guaranteed. If you are interested in being a part of this research, please use the following link to her survey :

It would also be appreciated if you could forward this information on to anyone else who you know who might be interested in participating that has one White parent and one Asian parent. Thanks everyone!

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