M’goi/Doh Jeh exhibit at Centre A: April 24 to June 141 min read

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linguistic tantrums, M'goi/Doh Jeh

There are two ways to say “thank you” in Cantonese Chinese: “M’goi” and “Doh jeh.” Which you use depends on context. Context is what the upcoming Centre A exhibit is about: M’goi/Do Jeh: Sites, Rites and Gratitude.

Part of it is poet Lydia Kwa’s artwork linguistic tantrums. The traditional Chinese characters are printed with foundry type bought from Ho Sun Hing Printers, which just closed in March, a few doors away from Centre A in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

Another is Saturday School, curated by Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon, where you’ll learn survival Cantonese so you can order food in a restaurant and shop for groceries in Chinatown.

Vancouver’s Chinatown is going through a great transformation, including new developments and Centre A’s new location. Lennon spoke to Ricepaper about the exhibit, and took a bit of a tour of Chinatown, including a stop at the 188 Keefer condo project and its “Ni hao” hoarding.

Watch our  video:

M’goi/Doh Jeh runs from April 24 to June 14 at Centre A (229 E. Georgia St., Vancouver, B.C.). Opening reception: April 24, 7 p.m. For more information, go to the Centre A website.

Lydia Kwa’s novel Pulse was reviewed in issue 15.4 (Winter 2010) of Ricepaper magazine. Buy a copy.

Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon’s poem “Someday I Will” was published in issue 18.4 (Spring 2014) of Ricepaper magazine. Buy a copy.

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