Ricepaper Second Serving: Tzi Ma, actor1 min read

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For two decades, Ricepaper Magazine published profiles, Q&A, and interviews from some of the most prominent artists, scribes, and influencers in the Asian Canadian community. The Ricepaper Second Serving series offer readers a chance to look back at our history and remember some thought-provking words spoken and written by those who helped change it.


You don’t have to write the character as ‘Asian.’ You don’t know shit about us. Just write a good character. Write the character. The mere fact that you put me in that role makes the character Asian. I can’t change this. [Points to his face] This is me. This cannot change. – Tzi Ma



Tzi Ma

“Taking Sides” by Herman Cheng from issue 8.3. Click here to see Ricepaper Magazine’s archive.

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