A Conversation on Asian Canadian Studies with Terry Watada, Jim Wong-Chu and Glenn Deer1 min read

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On November 27, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre hosted a three-way discussion between writer and poet, Terry Watada; Ricepaper Magazine and ACWW co-founder, Jim Wong-Chu; and professor at UBC, Dr. Glenn Deer. The topic for the afternoon’s event was on Asian Canadian literature, focusing on various areas including personal experiences, community building, archival constructions, successes and failures in publications, and significant movements and moments that influenced a generation of Asian Canadian literature.

The earliest writing we all do are confessionals. We are writing about ourselves. We are writing about our past. [We are] trying to dig up and learn about what happened to us and writing about it. And it’s fortunate in someway when these books came out, because it established a canon, but also it created such a strong and powerful voice of what we needed to know about ourselves.  -Jim Wong-Chu


For more information about the event please visit: http://www.ikebarberlearningcentre.ubc.ca/terrywatada/

This talk is sponsored by the Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies Program and the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

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