The Asian Index – David Suzuki, Sook-Yin Lee, and Patrick Chan – 19.11 min read

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David Suzuki

Year David Suzuki is born: 1936

Year CBC Radio begins: 1936

Year David Suzuki receives his BA in Biology: 1958

Year CBC television signal was extended coast to coast: 1958

The number of children’s books authored by David Suzuki: 15

The number of CBC presidents to date: 15

Sook-Yin Lee

Year Sook-Yin Lee released her first album: 1986

Year the introduction of the loonie coin is announced: 1986

Year Sook-Yin Lee first appeared on Much Music: 1995

Year the toonie is introduced: 1995

Year Sook-Yin Lee stars in the Jack Layton biopic: 2013

Year the Royal Canadian Mint discontinues the distribution of the penny: 2013

Patrick Chan

Year Patrick Chan is born: 1990

Year Canadian Senate approves the GST: 1990

Patrick Chan’s age when he starts figure skating: 5

The percentage of the GST rate in Canada: 5

Year Patrick Chan performed in his first Winter Olympics in Vancouver: 2010

Year BC harmonized the GST with PST: 2010

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