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Take a stand! That’s what Ricepaper Magazine is all about. For almost two decades, our publication has been a platform, nay a community, for those who have a voice to speak and a pen to write. Whether the message concerns political injustice or cultural misrepresentation, we will make every effort possible to amplify it. After a tumultuous year, we must not become idle. We must take the momentum of 2014 and carry it on to the next year and beyond.

Activism Issue 2014

Activism Issue 2014


Ricepaper Magazine honours all the efforts made by activists in the issue 19.4. Within you’ll find fiction by Ivy Song and Lydia Kwa; a conversation with Fred Wah and Rita Wong; poetry by Janet Rogers, Janey Lew, and Rita Wong; and creative non-fiction by Hiromi Goto and many others.

We at Ricepaper Magazine felt as though an activism issue was long overdue, but here it is now, and we couldn’t be more proud of the result. Take a look and see for yourself!

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Happy New Years.

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