Ricepaper Second Serving: Ed Ou, photographer1 min read

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For two decades, Ricepaper Magazine published profiles, Q&A, and interviews from some of the most prominent artists, scribes, and influencers in the Asian Canadian community. The Ricepaper Second Serving series offer readers a chance to look back at our history and remember some thought-provking words spoken and written by those who helped change it.

You see all this destruction and all this blood and you see crying families and you see widows and this one man came up to me and he had just lost his wife and he asked me to take a photo of him with his wife’s coffin and I was thinking why would you possibly want a photo of this? He was the most sincere man. His eyes were red from crying and he said, ‘Please, I need to remember this.’ – Ed Ou


“No Comfort Zone” by Aaron Leaf from issue 13.2. Click here to see Ricepaper Magazine’s archive.

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