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For two decades, Ricepaper Magazine published profiles, Q&A, and interviews from some of the most prominent artists, scribes, and influencers in the Asian Canadian community. The Ricepaper Second Serving series offer readers a chance to look back at our history and remember some thought-provking words spoken and written by those who helped change it.

Nothing motivates me more than success. But you have to earn the right to that success. You have to learn your craft. And when you have done that, then the next level of motivation is money and deadlines. It’s a very real world, writing, because you’re asking to be published, you’re asking people to invest money in you. So, respect of other people and their interest in you really matters to me. For example, I know I have readers now who really want to hear some of the stories that I’m telling, especially when I grew up thinking that my stories weren’t important. Who would care? That has all been a motivation. – Wayson Choy

Wayson Choy

“On the Wings of Wayson” by Alan Woo from issue 9.4. Click here to see Ricepaper Magazine’s archive.

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