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The height of the longest waterfall in Canada (Alfred Creek Falls): 700 m
The height of the longest waterfall in Malaysia (Kadamaian Falls): 700 m

The year Malaysia achieved independence from Britain: 1957
The year White Rock seceded from Surrey: 1957

The number of Malaysian restaurants in White Rock (Penang Szechuan Restaurant): 1
The number of Canadian restaurants in Malaysia (Canadian Pizza): 1


The year Montreal hosted the Summer Olympic Games: 1976
The year the Cultural Revolution ended in China: 1976

The record runner Donovan Bailey broke in the 1996 Summer Olympics: 100 m
Number of medals in China’s top Olympic tally (2008 Summer Olympics): 100

The number of Summer Olympic Games hosted by Canada: 1
The number of Summer Olympic Games hosted by China: 1


Yao Ming 

The year Yao Ming was born: 1980
The year Terry Fox started his “Marathon of Hope” across Canada: 1980

The age Yao Ming was drafted to the NBA: 22
The age Terry Fox was when he passed away: 22

Yao Ming rumoured to have been interested in purchasing the LA Clippers at this valuation: $600 million
The amount The Terry Fox Run has raised since its inception: $600 million

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