Vancouver Lifestyle: Great Boots to Protect You From the Vancouver Rain2 min read

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The most important purchase you could ever make when you move to Vancouver is the proper rain gear, which means the whole nine yards: umbrella, raincoat and rain boots. Although by precipitation measurements, Vancouver may not even compare to the amount of rain that tropical destinations get, but the city can experience up to 20 consecutive days of rain in the winter, dampening the weather and our fashion sense.


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Rain boots don’t exactly seem like the most fashion forward footwear in anyone’s shoe collection, but designers are continuously reinventing these boots to make sure that you look stylish while braving a downpour. So if you’re in need of a sturdy pair that will protect from the elements and fashion faux pas, here are a few brands of rain boots to keep in mind:

A truly outstanding company in the world of wellies, Hunter started the iconic black rain boot that forever changed the image of these shoes, proving to us that by changing the traditional shape of the wellie and having them in solid matte colors that the boots can be considered chic. Check out Kelly in the City for a guide on buying the appropriate Hunters for your size and comfort.

Sperry Top Sider
Who knew that one of the top weekend footwear makers actually has more to offer than just boat shoes? Known as duck boots, this trend has kept people’s feet warm from the snow and rain for over a century now, and after all the throwback fashion we’ve seen in the last few seasons, it wasn’t a surprise that duck boots were sold out in select stores this winter. Several other brands carry this style of rain boots, but Sperry is a good place to start.

Dolce & Gabbana
If you do have money to spare and don’t mind splurging, Dolce & Gabbana’s fall collection consists of futuristic rain boots that you would adore. Ranging in different metallics finished with a buckle, these wellies will have you looking fancy during those dreary rainy days that Vancouver is notorious for.


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