‘Frost Gloss’ by Stanford Cheung2 min read

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The peaks of Grouse Mountain melt, stare across a recitation; in clusters
like caressing thinkers or /small /mammals in the matter the stencil of
woods regressed, laid flat like the ingrown nail-speaking breath
on the floor – where prints that roam spill a granite

a delicate fortune      timeless in tapestry without purpose
writing a life alive over/ and /over/ dangling the fears of everything

of a typeface blue    tied in portrait    held firm
above the mind      questioning        each stanza\

through the reflection      on six sides justice      pass the dice
                                outcomes of day

an overgrown jacket            out of themselves
a loose thread coy                like the outcast bit in pain

caught      without rocks       to throw
seconds          for


Stanford Cheung is a poet, writer, and musician from Toronto, Scarborough. He published his first poetry collection in 2014. His chapbook Any Seam or Needlework was released by The Operating System Press in 2016 as part of their Of Sound Mind Series. A Pushcart Prize nominee, his work, notes, and drafts appear in Nomadic Journal: Changes III, X-Peri Magazine, Ex-ex Literature, Zoomoozophone Review and elsewhere. He currently studies at University of Toronto. 

Photo by Stanford Cheung

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