Call for Submissions: Cities and Race1 min read

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Cities are never static – they ripple and change with the seasons and years. On the streets that you roam the faces change: new ones appear and old ones eventually vanish. They form the backbone of our collective memory. Some of us grew up near where we lived, others have traded homelands for new places to live, and still others will eventually leave. Cities breathe with the past and the future, and we live in the murky present in between. Tell us stories about yourself, and how you fit in or stand out. On your computer screens and even in front of your eyes you can sense undercurrents of unease. Issues of race can be controversial. Inflammatory. Divisive. But do not forget that you are a writer. You bring unspoken things into plain sight no matter what.

Send your short stories, non-fiction pieces, poetry, and visual art to Full submission guidelines here.

Submissions close November 30th.

Photo by William Tham.

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