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[PODCAST] Talkrice Vol. 2, The Post-Travel Show, Episode 2/93 min read

13 January, 2017 0 comment

In Part 2 of the Post-Travel Show, William Tham and Gavin Hee continue to speed through Southeast Asia travel photos stopping to discuss Kuala Lumpur notable spots and figures, the Islamic Arts Musuem Malaysia, the Stone of Terengganu, standard of living, Vietnamese/Malaysian coffee, and the food and caves of Ipoh.

Scroll down and follow along with the photos. For all the episodes, click on the following link or the tag below with the same name: “Southeast Asia/Taiwan Impressions.”

Footnotes & Follow-ups

Opening Music – Hep Cats by Kevin MacLeod

MUD the Musical –

Kuala Lumper – Translated means “Muddy Confluence.” The city is named after where the Gombak and Klang rivers meet. “Kuala” means “confluence,” while “Lumpur” means “mud”.

Yap Ah Loy – Business magnate in the early days widely considered the founding father of KL.

Masjid Jamek –
Kapitan – a title given to a leading official

Kapitan Yusof aka Nakhoda (Sea Captain) Yusof – A famous Malaysian businessman and philanthropist who donated the land for Masjid Jamek. His online presence is apparently non-existent. Check out the book Kuala Lumpur Street Names, A Guide to Their Meanings & Histories (2015, Marshall Cavendish) by Mariana Isa and Maganjeet Kaur

Telekom Museum – a museum in Kuala Lumpur centred around the field of communications.

The Stone of Terengganu –
Correction – It is Jawi writing on the Stone of Terengganu, not actual Arabic. Also, the original can be seen at the Terengganu State Museum

Zheng He –

Parameswara –

Sword Lake (Hoàn Kiếm Lake) –

Egg Coffee – Coffee – Famous coffee in Malaysia, especially the city of Ipoh. Notable establishments are Nam Heong and Sin Yoon Loong (directly across from one another).

Ipoh Dim Sum – Clarification – “The dim sum sucks.” This should have been more contextualized. It sucks in relation to how good people say it is. It’s not mind-blowingly impressive. I would say a great place in Ipoh is like an ordinary place in Vancouver.

Roti Canai (pronounced chuh-NIGH) –

Mamak –

Char Kway Teow –

Needle noodles –

Bean Sprout Chicken (aka Tauge Ayam, aka Hainanese Chicken) – Famous spots are in Ipoh: Ong Kee and Lou Wong (across from one another). “Tauge ayam” doesn’t
sound like rubber at all, I don’t know how that association got made).

Gua Tempurung –

29:09 – To clarify, the dubious choices one has when going through Gua Tempurung’s steeper parts:
1. using rusty railing, higher risk of cut hands, lower risk of falling
2. not using rusty railing, low risk of cut hands, higher risk of falling
If you are in decent health, this is not a huge issue. If not, there is a legitimate safety concern.

Sam Poh Tong – Very peaceful place, especially in the back where tortoises roam.

Gua Tambun – out the link. This is seriously how you are supposed to get there.

Perak – A province in Malaysia –

Penang (George Town) –

Closing Music – Going Higher by Bensound


Masjid Jamek (left) and Yap Ah Loy (right)

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




The Stone of Terengganu (left) and the Telekom Museum (right), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sword Lake (Hoàn Kiếm Lake), Hanoi, Vietnam



Char Kway Teow (left) and Needle Noodles (right), Ipoh, Malaysia

Gua Tempurung, Ipoh, Malaysia

Sam Poh Tong, Ipoh, Malaysia | Photo Credit – Photo Dharma

Gua Tambun, Ipoh, Malaysia


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