‘ye ye’ by Adrienne Yeung2 min read

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on the train i see my grandfather | as a young man

10,247 km of water | seven seats away

looking through his reflection | at darkened mountains and doubled stars

ye ye | but that’s not his name

Illustration by Christine Wei

should i say something | what can i say

to a ghost in reverse


my grandfather was a young man | before he was father

before my father | i see him all the time

his ears | in the man choosing daikon

his hands | the same sinews as my landlord’s

they always said I had his mouth


i say nothing | let the train take us backwards

i know i will only hear the echo | of my accent

in the smooth disc of his face | the reverb

ringing on and on and on | through every rung of my DNA


under the reflection of city lights | caught in a fishnet of tumbling stratus

my Cantonese rusts beneath the sea | I cannot speak

my family history


our faces float | in tunnel darkness

blur in safety lights streaking across the glass


Adrienne Yeung is an emerging writer and performer who grew up on Treaty One Territory in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is still figuring out what it means to be a second-generation Chinese-Canadian. Currently, she is studying a Master of Public Health on Unceded Coast Salish Territories in Vancouver. You can find her collection of rough crystal jewellery featuring queer people of colour at www.hexmetalsminerals.com. You can find some of her writing in Oratorealis, Untethered, and Whiny Femmes Zine.

Born in Taiwan and currently living in Vancouver, Christine Wei is presently completing her BFA at Emily Carr University. Inspired by the sometimes difficult but often wonderful everyday journeys through life, Christine enjoys creating illustrations that are simultaneously whimsical and searching, contemplative and sentimental. She illustrates with the hope that her work can free people from the confinement of their own realities, and inspire people to view their lives through their own creative lens. christinewei.me@christinewsart

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