[PODCAST] Asians Elsewhere – Chinese in Japan – John Ogawa, Part 1/31 min read

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Nowadays, it’s pretty common to find Asians (nearly) everywhere in the world. But people still have perceptions thinking a person or a country is this way or that. The Asians Elsewhere series aims to show diversity within the broader Asian group in a drive to shatter pre-conceived notions, stereotypes, assumptions that can annoy, threaten, or harm. We’ll look at Asians with backgrounds Canadians (and probably other people) don’t usually expect. In part 1, we sit down with John Ogawa to talk about his migration story, along with the genesis of the program, what’s in a name, and what’s up with John not having a phone in today’s era of, well, phones.

Gavin Hee is an occasional contributor to Ricepaper. He aims to connect people throughout the world interested in relatable, meaningful content by Asians. He was born and raised in North Vancouver and spent his formative twenties in Seoul where his concept of globalism transformed. He is particularly fond of pan-Asian themed stories of inter-cultural exchange and he is the founder of weshareinterests.com, a site he thinks you might enjoy since you are reading this. He encourages marginalized voices to build their own world so they are not stuck in someone else’s. Click on his name in the tags below to see all posts. 

Footnotes & Followups

Opening music – Lee Rosevere – It’s Time
Fongo, not Phone Go
Closing music – Lee Rosevere – Keeping Old Letters

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