[PODCAST] Fab Five of Film Part 1 of 22 min read

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(L-R) Phil Planta, Mayumi Yoshida, Nach Dudsdeemaytha, Jerome Yoo, Lee Shorten

Vancouver’s film scene is blessed with a rich and vast talent pool. In the past few years, Phil Planta, Mayumi Yoshida, Nach Dudsdeemaytha, Jerome Yoo, and Lee Shorten have come together and collaborated on several remarkable projects. It was an honor to have these talented five visit the Ricepaper office in a moment that brought together Canadian, Thai, Korean, Australian, Filipino, Japanese, Chinese backgrounds and more. It was a special time that reminded me of the luxury of diversity we have in this city. In this 2 part podcast, we first discuss how the group came to be and some of the platforms that are enabling them to tell their amazing stories. In part two, we’ll go deeper into their work and explore the process and backstories behind their magic. Below are samples of their work including the Day We Met and Akashi in their entirety! We will be sure to update as full versions of the other gems we discuss become available.

Footnotes & Followups

Gavin Hee is an occasional contributor to Ricepaper. He aims to connect people throughout the world interested in relatable, meaningful content by Asians. He was born and raised in North Vancouver and spent his formative twenties in Seoul where his concept of globalism transformed. He is particularly fond of pan-Asian themed stories of inter-cultural exchange and he is the founder of weshareinterests.com, a site he thinks you might enjoy since you are reading this. He encourages marginalized voices to build their own world so they are not stuck in someone else’s. Click on his name in the tags below to see all posts. 

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