“You, Me, The Dog” by Tiffany Hsieh1 min read

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Illustration by Katya Roxas

We need to move, you, me, the dog. We need to go somewhere, a small house with more space.
Somewhere where this life cannot get to us. The dog will be happier. I will be happier. You will
too. You are the father. I have the dog. Where we live now boys have become men and said nada
to me. Where we live now I am “Dad’s wife” and a good cook. I am not a cook. Not for money.
Not for nada. Did you see that listing I sent last night? Something like that would work. The
kitchen has a farmhouse sink by the window. I can cook in that kitchen. We can eat in front of
the television like we do where we live now, you, me, the dog. Boys have become men and they
say nada to me. You are the father. I have the dog.

Tiffany Hsieh is a Taiwanese-Canadian writer living in Stouffville, Ontario. She used to play the piano and work as a reporter. She holds a master’s degree in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of Gloucestershire.

Katya Roxas is a Communications Officer at UBC Library who has experience with branding, content creation and social media. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Arts, specializing in graphic design and illustration, and a Diploma in Digital Marketing and Communications. Born and raised in the Philippines, Katya is well-versed with the sacrifices and opportunities that come with being an immigrant. Through her experiences, she strives to break the barriers of cultural misrepresentation by creating honest and inclusive visual expressions.

1 comment

Leanne Dyck 1 February, 2020 - 1:42 pm

This poem speaks to me. Well done!


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