“You Are Not Alone” by Lloyd Chung1 min read

20 September, 2020 1 comment

Illustration by Wendy Ma

(Watching Chinese Movie: Better Days)

I am of, two persons
Wearing a mask makes it easy
Sometimes forgetting is possible
Crying helps
Living in fear for the Next is
You are not alone.
Looking alike is so much easier
Reasons for things are only known
To those who want them
I love the simple taste of chips
Light the Moon Lantern so it soars
Filled with your wishes
Because hope is deep and wide
Becoming who you are is never
What you make, but how you live
Trusting in authority to do right
Can only be hope if it serves and protect who
Justice served
I have Everything, yet Live for Nothing
What is meaning if you cannot give
Up to Wishes.
I will protect You
I am, two persons
But I need to see through
Your eyes
Life is not simple
Life is meant to be simply lived
In the end I am one of two.


Lloyd Chung is a Chinese-Canadian paper son who arrived in Canada 1956.  Son of two sets of parents, Chung graduated in Graphic Design, from Fanshawe College in 1975.  Never having worked in the field, he obliged to help in family restaurant, serving for twenty-five years with LCBO.  Proud father of two strong individual women, he yearns to record his family history working in stores.

Wendy Ma is an Illustrator and Designer based in Vancouver. Born in China, raised in Tokyo and Vancouver, she developed her interest in sharing her worldview and experiences as a person with cross-cultural background through art. Fluently speaking three languages, she is passionate about communicating emotion through her pieces. She currently works as an illustrator and Designer at IBM. Her work is available @ wendy-ma.com

1 comment

1 comment

Wayne Ng 11 October, 2020 - 5:04 am

Lloyd, thanks for this. I hope you get that family history off the ground. I know it’ll be liberating. Check out Ann Hui’s Chop Suey Nation if you haven’t already.


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