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That Which is Unsaid

Much of how we communicate with each other is through nonverbal gestures, expressions, and cultural norms. At some point, language ends: “There is a silence that cannot speak,” Joy Kagawa writes in Obasan, “There is a silence that will not speak.” Similarly, we might find that there is a love that cannot speak, or a love that will not speak. What might be hidden in the unsaid? What might be brought forth as a result of the unsaid (i.e. the gift in and the life of those using ASL)? More personally, where might the crevices be in your language or the language of those around you? What are the boundaries of language as you’ve discovered? Subjects might include silence, that which is inexpressible, exploration or critique of nonverbal language and its possibilities or consequences, etc. Be creative!

Deadline closes January 31, 2022.

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