“deep time” by Jonathan Chan1 min read

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Photo by David Clode

how long does it take for
rock to chisel to
each speck is said to hold
a story.
this compact of earth
(is what they would have you
believe.) like how minerals flare
every time a smartphone
a digital yoke laces the grief
of a cloistered month,
so miniscule to the shifts
              of rock and
waves tear the chalky cliffs
somewhere, mangroves
dissolve in a sandy plunder.
somewhere, a heart of
flesh       continues to



Jonathan Chan is a writer and editor of poems and essays. Born in New York to a Malaysian father and South Korean mother, he was raised in Singapore and educated at Cambridge and Yale Universities. He is the author of the poetry collection going home (Landmark, 2022). He has recently been moved by the work of Spencer Reece, Graham Greene, and Roger Robinson. He has an abiding interest in faith, identity, and creative expression. More of his writing can be found at jonbcy.wordpress.com.

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