“Accent” by Michael Stalcup1 min read

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Illustration by JR Korpa

……………after Amy Chua

An accent is a sign of bravery,
of journey, celebrated or unsung—
a mark of freedom from the slavery
of thinking in a single siloed tongue.

Beneath the broken words and hesitations
are eloquence, rich humor unexpressed.
How easily the wisdom of the nations
slips past us in its unassuming dress.


Michael Stalcup is a second-generation Thai American born in California. He currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his wife and three kids. His poems have been published in several magazines, including Firewords Magazine, Inheritance Magazine, The Moth, and Sojourners. You can find more of his work at michaelstalcup.com.

1 comment

Mihan 22 February, 2023 - 4:46 am

Thank you for this compelling poem delivered without superfluity.


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