“Marginal Returns” by Raymond K. Nakamura1 min read

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Return of the Jedi was the first thing that came to mind when prompted by “return.”

But is it worth contracting Long COVID for?

Many would like to return to doing what they wanted to.

But unlike Star Wars, which was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, the pandemic is still here.

We would all like to return to the arms of our loved ones.

But that was mostly just the privileged.

I would like to return to eating in restaurants.

But some of them have not survived the pandemic, despite their pivots.

Takeout makes it harder to return orders or deal with problems.

And there are probably healthier choices.

I let binners take our bottle returns, but sometimes I take things to disposal events.

Sitting at home has made me more conscious of the clutter.

People hope to return to how things used to be, but you can’t step in the same river twice.

Things weren’t all that great before anyhow, so rather than returning to it, I hope we can move forward.

I return you to your previously scheduled programming.


Raymond Nakamura (he/him) is a third-generation Japanese Canadian cartoonist, writer, and educator living in what is now known as Vancouver.


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