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Photo: Jass Bass

We are excited to announce a call for proposals for our upcoming issue, centred around the theme of rebirth. This theme, rich in metaphor and symbolism, has been a cornerstone of literature across cultures and epochs. We invite writers, poets, essayists, and visual artists to explore the concept of rebirth in its myriad forms and interpretations.  Submissions should creatively and thoughtfully engage with the theme of rebirth. Possible interpretations could include:

  • Personal transformation and renewal.
  • Cultural or societal rebirth.
  • Mythological and religious interpretations of rebirth.
  • Environmental and ecological regeneration.
  • Stories of resurrection and second chances.
  • Symbolic rebirths in nature and the changing seasons.

Deadline closes September 30, 2024.
Queries and submissions can be sent to submissions@ricepapermagazine.ca
Find our submission guidelines here.

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