by Patricia Lim


Cover Stories

Kitchen Godiva’s new Dishwasher: CHUMTV’s Star Dishwasher Speaks Out on the Acting Life
by Alan Woo

Head Tax Re-Evaluated: Karen Cho Chronicles the Long Journey Towards Redress
by Fiona Hoi Ying Lee

Peking Blues: Helen Young Discovers Little Pear Garden Collective’s William Lau
by Helen Yung

On the Wings of Wayson: Wayson Choy’s Journeyof Discovery and Rediscover
by Alan Woo

The Unusual Suspect: Killer Comedian Henry Mah Slams Stereotypes
by Linda Siuchi


The Slanted View: That Makes Us Laugh
by Craig Takeuchi

by Jenny Uechi


From the Editor’s Desk


Portrait of an Artist: Secret Asian Man?
by Jenny Uechi

Spotlight: Finding Wonderland
by Stephanie Dickison

Poetry: The Whispering of Soft Shoes
by Michele Wong

Fiction: Listening
by C.E. Gatchalian

In the Dressing Room: Nina Aquino: Hot Mama of the fu-GEN Boys
by Norman Yeung

Literally: Big Doug and Mac
by Alexis Kienlen

Strike the Wok
by Janey Lew

Ricepaper Reads
by Alexis Kienlen

Silkscreen: Is that a Real Van Gogh?
by Carl Queton

Soundstage: The Numbers
by Christa Min

Hello Emm
by Stephanie Dickison

by Jenny Uechi

Postscript: As Seen in a Shanghai Taxi
by Natasha Kanji

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